Hassle Free

We bought this property from a single mom who was also a full time care taker for her own mother. She wanted a fresh start and new home without the hassle of selling with a realtor and we were able to help her out with exactly that!

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Accommodated Needs!

We purchased this property from a seller who did not want to take much of their belongings with them and we told them that was no problem and we would take care of it. This property was covered in old and outdated wall paper and at one point had over 10 dogs living inside. The [...]

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Bought As Is!

We bought this property from a seller who was planning on doing renovations himself but couldn't find the time. We gave him a fair offer he said he couldn't turn down. We told him he could leave everything he did not want to take with him and made closing as easy as possible for him.

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