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My Easy Home Sale is a full service real estate solutions firm that purchases and sells properties throughout Durham, Wake, Johnston, and Pitt counties in North Carolina. Founded in 2014 My Easy Home Sale is proud to provide solutions to homeowners in North Carolina facing real estate problems.

Since its inception, My Easy Home Sale has passionately pursued our goal to help hundreds of people in our community find solutions to their real estate problems. Whether they are facing foreclosure, inherited an unwanted property, have a property that needs extensive repairs, are renting to problem tenants, or just need to sell quickly we are here to help. Our organization is well-funded, with years of experience helping homeowners and successfully purchasing properties with CASH; and quickly renovating and listing to re-sell those properties to retail homebuyers and landlords. My Easy Home Sale is excited to be part of the area’s renaissance, and we aspire to continue contributing to the economic rejuvenation of the North Carolina and its neighborhoods.

We could not achieve our level of success without the many strong partnerships and relationships we have cultivated. At My Easy Home Sale, we place high value on the knowledge and expertise of good real estate agents, attorneys, contractors, investors, and mortgage companies. We strive to build relationships with qualified, experienced agents who have both a passion for real estate and an uncompromising drive to succeed. We believe that by working together, we will not only develop a history of successful win-win transactions, but also create a powerful and lucrative collaboration that adds value and serves our community.

Early on, as we began to develop the company and carve own niche in the big world of real estate, we quickly realized that there was a distinct need for certain real estate services we originally did not foresee. So we decided to create a set of companies – where in collaboration with one another, they would offer a package of services under one large umbrella, known as “My Easy Home Sale”.


At My Easy Home Sale we specialize in helping homeowners. Our focus is on you, the homeowner, and what we can do to help you in your situation.

Our Mission

At My Easy Home Sale we combine a passion for real estate with boundless determination resulting in an organization that is destined to succeed. Our goal is have a lasting positive effect on our family, clients, other real estate professionals, and our community. We aim to rejuvenate a large number of single and multi-family homes in order to revitalize neighborhoods increasing the standard of living and the quality of housing within the Triangle. We strive to leave every person in a better situation than when we met. To meet these ends we make a commitment to never stop learning, improving our skills, and refining our craft.